About me

NINE months, that’s all you have. In these nine short months, your body will change more than it ever has before. Nine months to prepare to fall in love for a lifetime.

I’m Henrietta, and I would be super delighted that you have choosing me as your maternity and/or newborn photographer.

As a mom with 3 beautiful children, I have personally experienced the miracle of pregnancy and carrying my child. You are creating, growing, and giving life. It is incredible! When we had our first baby, I didn’t take many photos. It just wasn’t as common as it is now. I look back at my few sporadic photos scattered throughout my pregnancy and wish that I had taken more.

Lucky for you, it is so common and easy to do now. I will take breathtaking pictures of you, all while you experience these moments to bond and connect with your baby. As a maternity and newborn photographer with over 8 years of experience my goal is to tell your story in the most beautiful way possible. Each photo session is specifically designed, customized and planned so that it reflects you, your family and the little miracle growing within you.

I’m guessing you would probably like to know a little about me before you trust me with your memories. When I went to college and had to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, it didn’t occur to me that photography could be a “real” job so I decided to become a bank officer. After giving birth to my 3rd child, I started focusing on newborn photography, and little bit later a maternity photography too and I can say that I really have found my path finally!

I started my photography business in 2016 in Europe Hungary. We moved to the United States in 2018 with my family, including my husband and 3 children and I opened my beautiful photo studio in St.Petersburg, Florida. I have spent several years studying photography in schools and being tutored by a large number of talented photographers, as I wanted to be the best myself!

Photographs are the most precious thing a person can possess.
There is nothing else on this earth that increases in its precious nature as time goes on.
It matters when you want to remember your baby’s tiny toes and eyelashes. It matters when you want to forever cherish every little detail of your children.

It also matters when photos are printed on quality products, which I love to provide for my clients.
These are not short-term investments, but heirlooms to be carried on long after we’ve passed.
When you choose me, I am dedicated and committed to you, your experience and your keepsakes. I am fully invested in what I produce and deliver, and I would be so delighted to have the opportunity to show you how we can capture your life’s best moments perfectly.

I focus on quality…always…because it really does matter.
I can’t wait to get started in creating YOUR perfect keepsakes.

Warmest Greetings, Sincerely Henrietta 

“Photography is the art of making memories tangible."
- Destin Sparks